Running around the Alster in Hamburg

For the last couple of months I have been running around the Alster in Hamburg, Germany and have started to really love it. It forces me to leave the house early and make it to work before traffic. After that I start my run and see how it goes and flows. Sometime I barely make 6K and the next time I am in it for 10K.

The great thing about running around the „Aussenalster“ is that there is no boring run at any time. I always have my phone with me to capture great shots or a quick video. As there is so much going on from the early morning on there is so many motives to shoot.

To make sure I am distracted at the same time, I have podcasts on my phone to listen to. As there is times of struggle, the distraction from great podcasts is extremely helpful. These three Podcasts I mainly listen to:

Gary Vee Audio Experience (English)

Bewohnerfrei (Tobias Beck – German)

Online Marketing Rockstars (German – Sometimes English)

The different Podcastst I enjoy for different moods as well as of course the subject of the actual content.

As the Aussenalster in Hamburg is realy beautiful to experience for a walk, a run or a bike ride, I am sharing some impressions with you. Enjoy…


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