A quick getaway from Hamburg

When living in and around Hamburg, you can enjoy so many different things and places of interest within a radius of about 2 hours. Isn’t it great?

A couple of examples of great places to visit by car, train and even boat are:

Sankt Peter-Ording (Image Credit http://www.sankt-peter-ording.de)

Today I will start writing about Sankt Peter-Ording…

This town is easily reachable by car and has some wonderful highlights to enjoy.

When visiting Sankt Peter-Ording you probably are looking to relax, enjoy the beach, taking time for some romance or be active. All of these g1 (1)oals can easily be achieved. There are a bunch of food options available to you. After a long beach walk I can definitely recommend Beach Bar 54 degrees. Every time we visited we felt like a great Curry Bratwurst with fries and loved it. Easy, but always good. If you feel like a good steak, visit the Grill Restaurant at the Aalernhues Hotel & Spa. Great crêpes can be found on the promenade across from Hotel Strandgut. The Crêperie also offers some good easy food. Just to the left it a great fish hotspot is enjoyed by the locals and the many visitors of Sankt Peter-Ording.

A couple of other activities in and around Sankt Peter-Ording are „beach sailing“ and of course „kite surfing“. As the beach is very wide and long, this offers you the best place to go for a run. Renting bikes is not an issue either, most hotels have them available.



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