Enjoying the Hamburg Christmas Markets

Visiting Hamburg generally is a joy. Not just in spring or summer. There is always something to do in this great city.

Now it is almost Christmas and the first Christmas Markets have opened. There are lots of Christmas Markets all over town, most individual little districts have their own markets. The best thing to do is to get yourself a group ticket for the public transfer system HVV. When visiting this link you will see an overview of the different tickets to buy.


  • White Magic on the Alster
    • Along the Jungfernstieg – a must
  • Historical Christmas Market at City Hall 
    • just steps away from the Jungfernstieg
  • Gänsemarkt
    • A wonderful smaller market in a very central location, this market is not too crowded, but still has a lot of charme
  • Eppendorf
    • Take the U1 from Jungfernstieg towards Norderstedt Mitte and get off at station Kellinghusenstrasse and walk for about 1 minute to reach you destination
  • Christmas Market by the water
    • A market with a maritime flair on one of the „fleet islands“
    • Take the S1 from Jungfernstieg to Stadthausbrücke and walk towards Michaelisbrücke for about a minute

When traveling with a group, make sure you look into your options. You can save a lot of money and travel around town. Up to five people can use a ticket the from 9am onwards for just 11,20 Euros. Now I will list a few market which are really worth it to visit.

A couple of great hotels to stay at are:

Wishing you a lot of fun in Hamburg… Enjoy the traditional Christmas Markets and don’t forget to try some wonderful Glühwein.

Merry Christmas



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  1. 1world2feet sagt:

    Love the Christmas market photos!

    Gefällt 1 Person

  2. Beautiful, I visited Hamburg last year but not at Christmas


    1. edwinOB1 sagt:

      You should come back for this time of the year, lots of fun and good Christmas Markets… When did you visit?

      Gefällt 1 Person

      1. We visited for a weekend in March and stayed at the Baselerhof Hotel on the Esplanade. We enjoyed our visit very much.


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